Bringing Stringed Instruments to Life with @jacobvdlippe

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“With a new instrument, the musician can actually shape the sound in the first years, making it an integral part in their way of communicating music,” explains Norwegian violin and cello maker Jacob von der Lippe (@jacobvdlippe). “Instead of doing repairs, I focused on making new right from the start.”

For Jacob, who took up cello at age eight, music has been a lifelong pursuit. “My parents were passionate about music, and encouraged my playing,” he says. At 17, he built his first cello as a school project. “From then on, I was hooked.”

“Being able to work with a craft merged with music was something that really appealed to me,” explains Jacob, who spent five years in Cremona, Italy—the violin’s birthplace—studying the trade. Fourteen years and nearly sixty violins later, Jacob’s creations have found their way into the hands of musicians around the globe.

This man is AMAZING!!! #forq #michaelleague #snarkypuppy #bass

This man is AMAZING!!! #forq #michaelleague #snarkypuppy #bass

redm0nd asked
Do you have the sheet music for aint it fun available?
fleaurial asked
hi i have listened to your arrangement of bohemian rhapsody for percussion ensemble and i was wondering if there was a place where we could find the music and score for it? my ensemble heard it and thought it was fabulous

thank you for the kind words. a link to the score and parts are below. enjoy!!

drumlinestateofmind asked
Hi my name is andee and I'm a part of this new open class corps called Watchmen and I was wondering if we could use your Frozen arrangement for a performance at Disneyland??

My buddy Isi is marching there! Please tell him I said hi!

Anonymous asked
Hello Nico! Is the Frozen Hilights music released? And if so, could you post the link for it? Thank you! P.S. You're amazing! :)
Anonymous asked
Is your Say Something arrangement going to be for sale? Or put up somewhere?
thats-a-hard-nohaw asked
Your group is performing a frozen medley? That is awesome. You should post a video because I would love to see it.
spiceinthecoffee asked
excuse me, where do you find the percussion ensemble arrangement of frozen? thanks!